Continuous Professional Development


STTA offers a course in Continuous Professional Development for teachers keeping in mind the need of professional educators in keeping up with the challenges of the ever-evolving education sector.

The dynamic curriculum design aims at creating Educators of the future who are committed to maintaining high-quality standards in education. The various modules offered will assist the educators in creating a challenging and competitive learning environment for their students.

Professional Development Short Term Courses

Curriculum Design


Curriculum Design is an intensive, multi-day, hands-on seminar—provides you the opportunity to experience the iterative, dynamic, and scholarly process of learning-focused course design. We firmly believe that participation in CD can help you become the teacher/ you dream of being, a teacher who creates truly transformative learning experiences for students.

This course design strategy, which begins with the question, “What do I want my students to know 3-5 years after the course is over?” offers you a framework for considering the whole learner, making her the focus of the learning environment. It provides you guidance for thinking about the types of knowledge and skills you want students to learn and how students might apply and integrate that knowledge. It prompts you to think about other dimensions of learning: how you might inspire students to care about that knowledge, and what students might learn about themselves, others, and their own learning. And, it asks you to carefully consider questions such as these: How do I assess whether I and my students meet the course goals.

Duration:- 1 week

Organizational Management

Organisational management deal with Educational Administration and Management for Teachers is aimed to develop and enhance the administrative skills of teachers as they step beyond their domain specific and embrace more significant roles. STTA’s Certificate Course in Educational Management for Teachers is a short program that takes a maximum of 2 weeks to complete. This course is divided into five phases and they are as follows.

PHASE 1 - Components of Educational Administration

PHASE 2 - Human relations in Educational Administration

PHASE 3 - Educational Supervision

PHASE 4 - Decision Making in Educational Administration

PHASE 5 - Curriculum Issues in Administration

Duration: 1 week

Learning outside the classroom (Children with Special Needs)

Suitable for anyone supporting children with Special Needs who would benefit from a multi-sensory and kinesthetic approach to learning. Learn to use the outdoors to enhance teaching across all areas of the curriculum

It is designed to react and respond to the needs of educational professionals at every stage of their career, whether you need a formal qualification to become a Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator , or you wish to keep pace with the latest developments in educational research.

Duration: 5 days


Functional classrooms

Research suggests that faculty in education initially adopts a teaching style that reflects their own learning style and/or adopt a teaching method they experienced that proved effective during their own education program. This approach results in faculty members who are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with incorporating various learning style models into their curricula.

It is important to recognize the individual learning styles and needs of individual students and also about the learning spaces in a classroom along with it kind of display work and hands on experience a teacher should adopt to cater to all the learning styles.

Duration: 5 days


In today’s competitive business world and difficult economy, effective communication skills training is more essential than ever before. It is the foundation on which companies and careers are built and a crucial component of lasting success.

Whether it’s a face-to-face conversation or a professionally written e-mail exchange, a meaningful message entails establishing a connection that leaves a powerful impression.

The communication courses and seminars below will help you develop a truly engaging and responsive communication style, leading to positive results for you and your organization.

Here are some of the basic categories of Effective communications training:-

Networking This Networking Course aims to demystify the "art of networking" - after all, networking is just another way of interacting with people - but somehow once you attach an agenda to it, it becomes awkward and difficult.

You'll learn how to put yourself and others at ease, how to easily join and leave groups and how you can use your individual style to communicate with people. We won't make you "schmooze" and we won't make you predatory, but we will give you a variety of tools and techniques to help get the best out of yourself and others at any type of gathering.

Presenting – Pitching – Influencing – Storytelling – Persuading – Engaging – Motivating – Leading – Enrolling – Inspiring – Making the Complex Simple

Management of Business /Professional Relationships In a complex environment, work is accomplished through the collaborative efforts of many. Differences are a positive force if you know how to harness them.

Public Speaking Develop the skills you need to prepare and deliver an outstanding speech or presentation with our public speaking training. It offers practical insights that can help presenters prepare, open, deliver, and close their speeches. Along the way, discover how to project confidence, storyboard a speech, take questions, respond with thoughtful answers, and develop the creative story that adds life to a speech.

Interview skills If you have an upcoming interview, polishing your skills in an in-depth with one to one coaching could very well make the difference between success and failure.

These sessions deal with issues such as handling your nerves, managing the interview arena, knowing what questions to ask, what to do when you feel wrong footed, what to do when your mind goes blank, becoming a good story teller, how to tell whether the company is right for you.

Duration: 7 days



Curriculum Designing Module

This module will assist the individual to design curriculum for a particular subject keeping in mind the best possible strategies of learning as the ultimate objective is to ensure the right content is taught at the right time. It also focuses on the why of a curriculum planning along with the knowledge of the types of curriculum and how to choose the best possible design. Lesson Planning module is also a part of the Curriculum Design which facilitates a teacher in making effective lesson plans.

Sub Module: Purpose of a Curriculum/How to build one/Types of Curriculum designs/ lesson plan

Duration: 7 days

Organisational Management Module

This module aims at creating excellent managers who can manage their team and work towards the common goal of the organisation. It focuses on How to conduct events, delegation of work, managing people, maintaining of records and using records for optimising the results as per the objectives set. This module benefits both the educators and people from other walks of life as organisation is the key to successful execution of a conceived plan.

Sub Module: Managing HR/Infrastructure/Maintenance of records/ Data Driven culture/Event Management/ Documentation and Records

Duration: Each sub module 2 days

Subject Specific Workshop Module

This module aims at honing the existing skills of a Subject teacher and helping her deliver the best in class for a particular subject and understanding the challenges posed in teaching a particular subject and helping overcome the same through the best practices of teaching the subject to optimize the learning.

Duration: 1/2 days

Effective Communication Module

This is beneficial both to the educators as well as the people from the other walks of life. Communication is the key to being understood and being able to work and get work done. It aims at improving the verbal/ non verbal communication, including gaining knowledge on having the best possible body language, and the art of being an effective and confident presenter.

Sub Modules: Verbal Communication/ Non- Verbal Communication/ Digital Communication/Impactful Presentation

Duration: 2 days

Leadership Module

This is beneficial to both the educators and the people from the corporate world. This module covers the various types of leadership and focuses on developing an individual’s leadership skill under various working scenarios. A leader is the one who shows the way, goes the way and leads the way, therefore all aspiring leaders will hugely benefit from this module as it will help in giving them the impetus required to be at the helm of affairs.

Sub Modules: Facilitative leadership/Team leadership/Cross Cultural leadership

Duration: 3 days

Goal Setting Module

This is beneficial to both the educators and people from the corporate world. Setting goals is the first step towards turning the 'INVISIBLE' into the 'VISIBLE' hence the module guides the individual on how to set goals, the importance of goal setting, knowing the different goals and the need of STRETCH goals in today’s day and age.

Sub Modules: Why set goals/How to set goals/Types of goals / Stretch goals

Duration: 1 day

Polish Your Personality Module

In a turbulent environment there is a pressing need of a calm mind, the module aims at teaching the individual the art of calming the mind and body and maximise one's productivity, it also focuses on honing the personality through effective interpersonal management skills and the etiquettes of conducting oneself.


Duration: 3 days