Singapore Teacher Training Academy (STTA) is a training institute with a primary objective of paving a way for early childhood trainers to deal with modern methods of teaching as against the traditional and conventional methods, which encouraged rote learning and were teacher-centric.

Children in the present day context construct their own knowledge system and are active learners. Learning has become all-encompassing and has moved beyond just counting, rote learning, reading and writing. It is important for the teachers to understand the present day children’s needs and facilitate their optimal development.

STTA well understands these needs and focuses on capacitating the trainees on these lines.

At STTA, aspirants are trained to treat the teaching process as a process of self discovery. Maria Montessori believed that “only through freedom and environmental experience, is it practically possible for human development to occur”. It is the same for students as well as teachers.

The training program here hence focuses on the pedagogy of teaching and other fields like personality development, behavior management, language enhancement and communication skills. This 3 month certificate program equips students to deal with all facets of early education.


Bring in quality change in the early learning centres by providing well-trained and qualified teachers and harness professionals with better skill sets to suit their career requirements that are in alignment with their personal goals


Provide quality training to those who seek to enhance their skills, instill knowledge, confidence and better understanding.

Faculty & Trainers

STTA is proud to have a committed and professional faculty with subject matter excellence for early childhood education and professional development. They hail from different backgrounds with experience and expertise and are practicing psychologists, health care professionals, educationist and other trainers who have an extensive experience in the field of training and development.


STTA offers a course on Early Childhood Care and Education and Montessori Method Teaching Other arms to be mentioned

Early Childhood Care and Education Modules Offered

The modules are been designed keeping in mind the need of Pre Primary schools of today. The curriculum consists of subjects related to the Early Childhood Educational Practices - the pedagogy of teaching and practical lessons. The subjects taught are:

Teaching the Montessori Way

Enables the trainees to understand the Montessori Philosophy; and experience the use of the sensorial materials in the Montessori Lab.

Principles of Child Development

Highlights the psychological development of children; the different learning milestones; and behavior management in young children.

School Management – Organization & Records

Capacitates the trainees to design preschools, maintain records, communicate and manage events.